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"Sylvern Groomes Jr. is rather soft-spoken as Black, the party guest who unexpectedly and unstoppably comes between Queenie and Burrs, with tragic results. But he sings with considerable warmth and power."

-Tim Smith ,October 5, 2016




"Sylvern Groomes, Jr. is firm in his resolve as Black.  With a total focus on the character, he is an excellent spot of calm in the swirling storm at the party.  He’s believable and attention-holding.  And has a voice that is as smooth as velvet.  He looks tough and talks soft and is always in control of his character."

-Timoth David Copney, Ocotober 4, 2016




"Black (Sylvern Groomes Jr.) is a vocal balm to cam the nerves, an unguent to ease the mind, and a salve that soothes the soul. With a slick voice that layers in for quartets like “Poor Child” and “Listen to Me” there is a deep and moving sincerity that connects his character in earnest to the lyrics that he sings. Groomes Jr. holds his own among the four principle characters, particularly when wooing Queenie (Allison Bradbury) during duets like “Of All the Luck” and “The Gal for Me.” Elegant and regal in his composure as well as his delivery, you can’t help but feel for Groomes Jr.’s character as the story unfolds to its gruesome ending."

- Amanda N. Gunther, October 1, 2016




"As her lover, Black, Sylvern Groomes, Jr., brings a quiet restraint that juxtaposes nicely with the frenzy of the other goings on. And his voice is just stunning."

-David Gerson, October 3, 2016




"A fascinating stranger at the party, an uptown swell named Black (the big-voiced Sylvern Groomes, Jr.), seems more than willing to rub more than elbows with her female guests."

-Jayne Blanchard, October 3, 2016




"Sylvern Groomes Jr,who plays Black,and has a wonderful, deep, rich voice; He sings to Queenie: I looked into your eyes. Your heavenly eyes. And I knew wishes can come true."

-Tom Hall, J. Wynn Rousuck & Rob Sivak,October 6, 2016





"As Black, the man who falls for Queenie, Sylvern Groomes, Jr. does well and is particularly strong in the smooth ballad “I’ll Be Here.”

-Steve Charing, October 2, 2016




"Sylven Groomes Jr. is an understated actor, and he can certainly sing."

-Pandora Locks, October 7, 2016


And as Roxie’s naive husband, Sylvern Jr. does a nice job singing the bittersweet “Mr. Cellophane.”

-Tim Smith, August 2, 2017


Sylvern Jr. was an audience favorite as Roxie’s not-so-bright, put-upon, cuckolded husband. His delivery of his lament-filled lyrics in “Mister Cellophane,” was fantastic.

-Willam Powell, July 23, 2017


Plum pitiful Amos (Sylvern Groomes Jr.) is oh-so excitable when it comes to things like a potential baby and having his name remembered. Groomes’ character may be of the supportive assist variety, he takes the role with great gravity and gives it depth beyond compare. The big number, by which all Amos’ are held accountable, is a stunning success in Groomes’ portrayal because of his raw honesty. Delivering “Mister Cellophane” in earnest, Groomes wins a lot of empathy, sympathy, and vocal support from the audience when he completes the number and again later when he tries to exit at the show’s conclusion. With droopy facial expressions and a homely spirit, Groomes wallows delicately in the mire of his character’s transparent existence, making him all the more memorable as a performer. He’s also got a great sound for the number, including his perfect ability to balance the volume output of his singing, holding off until the last second to make his 12 seconds of belting absolutely worth it.

-Amanda N. Gunther, July 30, 2017

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